Piotr Usewicz

Hi, I'm Piotr Usewicz.
I write software.

Spring-load your Rails development environment to speed it up

There is a wide selection of tools that allow you to pre-load your Rails development environment to make it faster. We have Zeus, Spork or Spin.

All of them are great and help you work with your development environment faster, but there is a new contestant...

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Automatically bundle controller-specific assets

It’s very convenient to be able to automatically bundle some of the assets in a separate file eg. when you have a lot of controller/resource specific CSS or JavaScript.

Let’s say we are writing a blog, and we have two controllers—one for posts and...

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mov2gif—How to create animated gifs from QuickTime screen recording

Everybody loves animated GIFs. But what’s even better is the ability to turn your screencast into one. I’m pretty sure that when working with GitHub, you use pull-requests very often. The ability to quickly attach an image when showing what’s included...

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Perfect decorators with Draper

Draper gives you a great way to decorate your ActiveRecord objects. But what is even better is that it allows you to do that transparently.

Say we have an Article model for our blog.

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
  extend FriendlyId

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